Private Yoga Therapy

One on one sessions are the best method to work on therapeutic issues in your body. Not only do one on one sessions help you that day, they continue to help you every day as you develop awareness in your alignment and movement patterns in your body.



“We starting doing private sessions together 3 years ago and together with her weekly class, this private attention to the specific needs of my body, mind, and spirit has empowered me to do things, think things, and let go of things not serving me in ways I never thought possible. The private sessions with Leanne were instrumental in facilitating the change I was looking for in my life.”

– Diane Lee | Owner of Diane Lee and Associates Physiotherapy

Using yoga as the medium for good movement, you can set goals for what meaningful task you want to accomplish in your body. From something as simple as being able to garden without pain like you used to, or getting back to the sports you love, yoga therapy can help.

Some people don’t feel comfortable in a group class or may need more modification to the poses than can be accommodated in a group class. I have worked with students who have polio and balance issues to create their own personal yoga program that works directly with their bodies and capabilities. Some students just want to have the space to ask questions and get more hands on personal time with a teacher- one on one is a great way to do that!

You may already be a practicing yoga student but you want to work on specific poses or challenges you have- you can have your own session to work on your wish list.

Many of my students are now regular yoga practitioners that transitioned into class after a few one on one sessions to address their particular needs. Now they come see me once a month for a session where they can ask questions, check in on their biomechanics and learn how to go even further in their practice.

Come see what simply aligning with nature can do for you.

One hour sessions available at the clinic or at the studio.

Contact me for availability.

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